Here is a outline of myself


Basic sort of stuff

My name is Dave Monk.

I was born at the end of the second world war and lived in the Southend-on-sea area living in Belfairs, Westcliff and Eastwood, Leigh-on-sea.

I am married to Beverley (whom I love dearly). We have two children, Richard and Niki. We lived in Rayleigh, Essex when we were first married and now live in Romford.


Most of my early working life I worked in Management Services or Time and motion Study as it was called.

However I was lucky enough to make a change into computing, starting with Visual Basic 2 through to VB6 and now using Visual Studio .net.


I have written a number of applications during my time that are either marketable applications or toolsets designed to assist the devloper.

Motor Biking

I currently ride a 1980 Kawasaki Z650 C3 However this is only for fun on sunny Sunday afternoons, which are not too frequent.



I love the electric guitar. I have been playing, just for fun, since my teens. I am a great fan of The Shadows, and I particularly enjoy playing the later covers of the more famous love ballads.


My Music

I have become a "youtuber", known as OldGuitarMonkey. I record myself playing the guitar and upload it to YouTube. I have over one hundred videos currently uploaded. You may click the My Music link to view some of these videos or visit my YouTube Channel  to see all my uploads.

It's interesting to see how the quality of the recordings has improved in such a short time since I first started.