I have been an Application Developer for many years, starting with Visual Basic version 2 and working the way through to Visual Studio .Net version 3.5, and over this time I have accrued a number of utilities that I have developed that make my job simpler.

I have pulled some of these utilities together into an application that I call VBAid. The code the system generates is Visual Basic 6


The principle of VBAid is to automate tasks based on a database schema. In this case I use MSAccess '97 or 2000. These may use tables or tables linked to another database. eg SQL Server.

Visual Basic Aid


Database Functions

  • Generate a Database Data Dictionary from an Access Database. (Can be linked to SQL Server)
  • Create new empty database based on the Data Dictionary.
  • Generate VBCode to create that Database programatically, for inclusion in your programs.
  • Copy Data from one database to another.
  • Compare databases and report on any differences

Program Gereration Functions

  • Create COM Objects and collections automatically based on each table at the touch of a button.
  • Create VB6 applications with full form generation that links to the COM objects or includes them in the application.
  • Generate ASP Code for listing and selecting items based on each database table.

Documentation Functions

  • Uses VBA in conjuction with MS Word.
  • Generate a full indexed data dictionary of a single project or a project group.
  • Documents all Project Properties.
  • Full forms breakdown listing all controls, procedures and methods.
  • A full breakdown of all object and collections listing all procedures and methods
  • An editable section allows the recording of details for Author, description, Installation notes etc.

Database Schema

  • Create a Tree view structure of the database tables and fields
  • Display the properties of fields and tables .