2008 Fender American Stratocaster
This is my latest and best acquisition thanks to my having a lovely wife.

1965 Hofner Verithin
I bought this guitar from a friend around 1975. It had a pickup missing, which I have replaced with a more modern version.


Fender Stratocaster Lonestar Deluxe 2007
I bought this guitar from a second hand shop in 2009. It was in perfect condition with the polythene still on the scratch and back plates.

Fender Squier 1997
Bought from ebay. Once again it still had the polythene on the scratch plate.
Burns Sonic 1960
This is one of the first guitars I ever had, acquiring it around 1962
When I bought it the scratch plate was broken.
I replaced the broken black one with a home made white one.

Yamaha pacifica
A recent snip off ebay.